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National teams with life and annuity agents to offer the best service and products in the industry. We represent over 50 insurance carriers providing the most competitive products and compensation. National will make every process simple for you including contracting, taking the application and keeping track of your business.

National has been servicing agents since 1996 with professional staff that has grown to over 75 employees in seven different locations (Boise, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Tampa, California, Connecticut, Minnesota). National has developed the industry's leading technology by listening to our agents and tailoring around each agent's individual needs.

We want the opportunity to earn and grow your business!

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The following documents provide more information about each division here at National. Please take a moment to read more about us and how we can meet the needs of your business.
Mission Statement

National Brokerage teams with our agents to offer an unbeatable combination of underwriting support, superior technology, advanced case expertise and a special ability to tailor our service around each agent's own unique needs. We have been an industry leader in helping agents work more efficiently and earn more commissions since 1996. When it comes to life and annuities, look to the professionals at National Brokerage.

The goal of National Brokerage is to be the leader in agent support services in the industry of Life Insurance and Annuities and more.
  • National Brokerage recognizes the agent as our customer and we are consumed with making the process of selling life insurance and annuities as easy as possible.
  • We will provide reliable and responsive support to our agents by implementing the latest technological innovations complemented with a caring professional team.
  • Our professional team dedicated to assisting our agents in advanced planning, whether it's securing the best possible underwriting offer or making the complex simple, we stand prepared for our agents.
  • Our agents can expect more than just a contract from National Brokerage. We provide them with the best underwriting offers, complete advanced case support, top compensation, cutting edge technology and the industry's best service.

National's TOP Principles
  • Transparent: Earning your trust through integrity, communication and full disclosure
  • Objective: Searching for the best possible solution under your direction
  • Professional: Working at the highest level of professionalism to facilitate every case

National Ethics Bureau Sponsor

National Ethics Bureau   The National Ethics Bureau is a leading advocate for business ethics in the financial services industry. We are committed to promoting a high standard of business ethics. By joining the National Ethics Bureau and passing their background check, you can demonstrate to your clients your commitment to integrity and best practices in financial services. Click here to learn more about NEB.

"National Brokerage: Teaming for Success"
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