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E-Mail Subject: National Brokerage Webcast - The Top Seven Ways To Improve Revenue in 2015
E-Mail Message: The Top Seven Ways To Improve Revenue in 2015
Recorded On: 12/10/2014
Presenters: Cary Ruplinger, Jason Preszler
Level: Overview
Keywords: Marketing/Product Ideas

Let NB help you make 2015 your best revenue year ever. We have 7 simple ways to dramatically improve your revenue in the upcoming year. Increase your presence with your clients and decrease your paperwork.

  1. OES - Let us help you stay in front of your clients.
  2. Policy Review - Helpful ideas for opportunities in policy review.
  3. Conversions - Changes in the conversion privileges make this market more important than ever.
  4. Websites - Free websites available with National Brokerage are a must.
  5. NG Go - The easiest way to submit a life case, period.
  6. Living Needs Riders - A way to create added valued to your existing life cases.
  7. Simplified Issue life - Avoid the monotony of the underwriting process.
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