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E-Mail Subject: National Brokerage Webcast - NB GO is making waves!
E-Mail Message: NB GO is making waves!
Recorded On: 7/1/2015
Presenters: Cary Ruplinger, Lorraine Carter
Level: Overview
Keywords: Marketing/Product Ideas

NB GO is making waves!

Here is what agents are saying about NB GO:

  • “I’m in love with NB GO” - Patrice, DE
  • “I’m now focusing on selling rather than processing” - John, MO
  • “I’ll never take another app without NB GO” - Robert, TX
  • “I’m proud to be life agent again” - Amy, CA

We have set new records in production with the introduction of NB GO. Over 1,000 agents have seen the NB GO way and are never going back to the old tired ways of doing life insurance.

This is not just an e-app or a drop ticket, this is complete shift in how life insurance is bought and sold. You will be able to offer your clients the best process, exclusive products and amazing service.

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