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E-Mail Subject: National Brokerage Webcast - Executive Benefit Niche Market Opportunities
E-Mail Message: Executive Benefit Niche Market Opportunities
Recorded On: 1/21/2011
Presenters: Lance Barton
Level: Overview
Keywords: Advanced Cases

In addition to the recent tax law changes and the planning opportunities they afford life insurance professionals and our Elite Partners, executive compensation strategies have been an industry buzz and focus among brokerage life carriers. Acronyms galore! S.O.L.A.R., Premier Bonus, B.A.T.L. are all basically targeting the same perspective client: high earning business executives. Please watch this webcast in which we breakdown and demystify these concepts. The specific points of interest that are outlined on in this webcast are as follows:
  • Environmental and Economic forces driving such sales
  • Carrier nuances and product functionality
  • Design and implementation considerations
  • Example cases
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