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E-Mail Subject: National Brokerage Webcast - Do you have Bob as a client?
E-Mail Message: Do you have Bob as a client?
Recorded On: 2/04/2015
Presenters: Cary Ruplinger, Michael Fleischhauer
Level: Overview
Keywords: Marketing/Product Ideas

Meet Bob the Business Owner

Bob the Business Owner:

  • Wants to sell his co. in 3-5 years.
  • Wants to sell it to key employees.
  • What does he need for retirement?
  • What is the company worth?
  • Where will the funds come from?
  • How does he get out of operation?
  • As their advisor, will you be there to help?

Join this webcast to learn how to help Bob:

  1. Provide your clients with business, financial, and estate planning.
  2. Increase overall assets & revenue; plan fees, insurance, investment, finance strategies.
  3. Exit Engineers handles all aspects of client engagement, plan creation, and delivery.
  4. Learn how Bob deals with his business planning and personal needs.

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