The Future of Insurance Is Here!

It's here and everything has changed. Gone are the old, tired and slow ways of offering life insurance. Now you have access to our exclusive NB Go App plus our 1Click online products.

Access NB Go Dashboard

Access the NB Go Dashboard for all quoting and submission tools.

NB GO has been recognized as one of the greatest insurance innovations of our time

  • One-of-a-kind process
  • Exclusive products
  • Amazing technology

This is not just an e-app or a new tool, this is a complete shift from the old way of conducting insurance business. You will never sell insurance the old way, and your clients will never have to purchase it the old way.

The future of insurance is this way, let’s go!

NB Go Resources

  • Live Transfer Phone: (888) 966-8077 (Note: This is for live transfers only. Please first submit your case using the tools above.)
This is the most convenient way to purchase insurance.

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