NB Technology

Some decisions took longer than they should have...

...like when you said, "My typewriter is as good as any computer" and "I'll never use a mobile phone" or "I don't need e-mail when I have the postal service."

You are facing a similar choice right now: to use National's One "E" System or not. There are certain decisions that are easy and this is one of them.

Will your business benefit from:
  • Better communication to your clients with no added time by you?
  • Taking out the redundancies from the insurance process?
  • Having a personal website to increase business?
  • Having all client and policy information at your fingertips no matter where you are?
  • Viewing client's underwriting status at one location no matter who the carrier is?
  • Being more organized?
  • Having more time?
Introducing the One-E-System
  • Web based login, sign in once, access everything
  • Electronic contracting
  • Case status emails (when you want them, and where you want them)
  • Insured-based CRM
    • Live case status for Annuities, Life Insurance, Preliminary Underwriting, and Life Settlements
    • Mass Marketing Emailer
    • Auto Event Emails (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Policy Anniversary, Birthday and Case Status Events)
    • Fillable PDF Forms
    • Integrated Term Quoter
    • Integrated Paramed Ordering and Status
    • Customized Reporting
  • Agent websites
    • Your own domain name
    • Built in term quoter
    • Email accounts
    • Seminar registration
We take underwriting to the highest level and consider ourselves your back office partner. All information is completely transparent and accessible from within the One "E" System.   For example:
  • All case notes
  • Case documents
  • Reports
  • Offers (Life and Settlements)
National has built our technology with the same principles that have built our industry but have made the process much easier. We are not asking you to do anything you are not already doing, we are just asking you to do it only once. All systems are web-based and made with the highest level of security and speed.  You can dramatically improve your business today with only a few steps.

Get Started With OES TODAY!
  1. Open an OES account - Call us or click here to fill out a contact request
  2. Import existing clients, begin mass marketing
  3. Launch your website, attract new prospects
  4. Write new business, get live case status
  5. Continue marketinging to new and existing clients

Contact a National rep to get started: (800) 377-6344 or Email Us
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