• Are you passing by life insurance cases because you don’t have the time?
  • Tired of all the paperwork with life insurance and the long process?
  • Focused on other areas?
  • Enjoy the sale, but hate the process?
  • Would you like to cut the underwriting process in half and double your income?
National Brokerage has the solution. We have built a "Concierge Team" for you. We will work under your direction to expedite the underwriting process.

We will communicate with your client on your behalf to follow up on any and all requirements. Consider us a extension of your office, you are the boss and we will tailor the process around you. If your focus is in areas other than life insurance or you just want to spend more time on the front end marketing, MyConcierge is your answer.

The Normal Process
  • You are responsible for all communication with your client regarding underwriting
  • The average processing time is 57 days
  • 64% placement of cases
The MyConcierge Process
  • We are responsible for the whole underwriting process
  • All steps are reported to you and done through your own live website (One "E" System)
  • Average processing time is 22 days with 87% placement
With MyConcierge you will create more time and twice the income from your life business.

"Prior to National's MyConcierge, I was passing by life opportunities and also leaving the door open to competitors. Using the MyConcierge team created considerable extra income and also added value to my clients. It's a simple hand off."

   - Agent: B. Coleman, FL

"I used to tell my clients to call one of the online life insurance companies. Now I making an extra commission every month. They have been great... tremendous service!"

   - Agent: M. Miller, ID

  1. Fill out the Pre-App or Formal App
    Pre App – If unsure which carrier to choose, applications can be filled out manually and populated through OES (Our online client management system)
  2. We call the client to set up the process, which includes taking the application and scheduling the exam. We will resolve any new requirements immediately. If we need a doctor’s address, need to confirm financial information, or have specific questions related to travel, we will contact the client to obtain. We understand how important your clients are and will treat each client with the utmost respect and courtesy. "Good Evening Mr. Jones, I’m calling on behalf of your agent to assist you with issuing your new life insurance policy."
  3. Ordering Attending Physician Statements - We have a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to order physician records and get them as expeditiously as possible.
  4. We will mail the policy to the client and walk them through the delivery or, if you would like, you can deliver the policy yourself.

We operate with three major TOP principles:

Transparent: Earning your trust through integrity, communication and full disclosure
Objective: Searching for the best possible solution under your direction
Professional: Working at the highest level of professionalism to facilitate every case
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