Becoming Your Own Bank
We live in a new financial world where much has changed, yet most advisors are still peddling the same old stuff. They preach asset allocation, diversification, risk-tolerance, and all the other buzz words of traditional methods that frankly are NOT working. People are postponing retirement, or having to live on much less than they had anticipated. The stock market and real estate have changed dramatically. It's time to asses what you're doing.

How National Can Help
National Brokerage’s Infinite Banking Approach Brings You BIG BENEFITS:
  • In-house expert Dan Thompson, ready to assist you and your clients
  • Your own turnkey marketing system
  • Simple presentations for your clients
  • Your own personal support team, coach, marketing/service representative, case manager and underwriter

Meet Dan Thompson
Dan is the founder of Eagle Capital Management and has received national recognition for his work in innovative financial strategies. Dan began licensing as a financial advisor in 1986 in both securities and insurance.

He has owned and managed his own investment firm since 1990. Dan is also the founder and principal of Eagle Equity Fund, a Real Estate Fund which seeks opportunities in the real estate market for accredited investors.

For the past several years Dan has adapted a very non-traditional approach to financial planning. Frustrated with markets and financial buzz words, he thought there had to be a better way to wealth. He was right. Now utilizing models and strategies not often heard of in the financial community he finds cutting edge ways to produce financial results without the risk normally associated with financial planning.

Dan originates from central California where he watched many of his mentors attain wealth by hard work, proper money management, and conservative approaches to investing. Learning lessons of money management as a teenager gave him the desire to work as an investment broker at a very young age.

Banking Concept Resources
  • Personal Coach
    Your expert to assist you with proposals and banking concepts
  • Included Support Through National
    • Marketing / Quoting Support - Your own personal rep to help with running illustrations and assist with marketing tools
    • Case Management - A dedicated case manager to work your cases
    • Underwriting - Have access to your own underwriter to help navigate your customers
  • Banking Concepts Book: "The Banking Effect" by Dan Thompson
  • "Be Your Own Banker" Webcast Training Series
    National Brokerage is offering FREE training on our banking concepts.

    View Recordings of all Banking Training Webcasts Here

    4-Part Training Series - Register Now
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    Weekly Advanced Training - Register Now
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  • "Be Your Owner Banker" Video Series:
    These videos are great for learning about banking concepts - both for you and your clients.
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