National Brokerage offers annuity agents and unbeatable advantage. We offer much more than just a quote when it comes to annuities. Let us help you get trained, contracted and equipped to sell more annuities than ever before.

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What Makes the National Brokerage Annuity Department Different?
  • We offer FREE training every single week, plus our free Annuity Academy (see below)
  • You can use our technology to view all of your cases and downline cases, market to your database and more
  • Avoid hassles by working all of your Life AND Annuity business with a single brokerage, on a single platform
  • Take advantage of our back office support for quotes, product guidance and sales presentations
  • Click here to view our Annuity Division overview (PDF Format)
Our Top Company List for Annuities
  • Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
  • American Equity
  • American National
  • Forethought
  • Great American
  • ING
  • Legacy
  • Life of the Southwest
  • Lincoln Financial
  • North American Company for Life and Health
  • Phoenix Life
  • Sagicor

Weekly Annuity Training
Every Tuesday at 11am MT – Register to Attend
  • Not your ordinary product training
  • Advanced sales concepts
  • Training on point of sale material
  • Sales presentations

What Needs to be Done Before New Business is dated
  • Do online contracting - (do not write business before contracting is completed because forms do change and the process can take a while and there is a chance of you being declined from the carrier)
  • Be able to provide proof of Anti Money Laundering (AML) – (if you do not or cannot provide proof of AML you can go to and take the AML test there for free and you will be able to print an AML Certificate)
  • Product training must be completed before any business is dated – (if this is not completed first the carrier will have you submit all new paperwork with new dates and signatures).
  • Agent must have a National Brokerage (NB) agent number before submitting new business – (if you don’t have a NB agent number there is a chance that your business could be placed under another FMO)
Annuity Academy
Want to learn more about selling annuities? Don't want to spend any money? Our FREE Annuity Academy is completely free and will help you learn how to sell annuities. Don't miss this opportunity.
National Brokerage Annuity Academy

Contact Us
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Annuity Quotes and Rates
Use the links below for current interest rates, caps and commissions.

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  • Annuity Point of Sale Material
  • Annuity Presentations
  • Annuity Prospecting and Pre-Approach Material
  • Annuity Pre-Recorded Training Webinars
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